Our Strategic Grantmaking

Through our five grantmaking strategies we support the most effective and innovative organizations in our region to solve the most challenging problems and strengthen the common good. To learn more about our grant application process, please see the information below.

**Note: The community foundation no longer accepts grant applications through email or through postal mail. All grant applications must be submitted through our new online application system, applySVCF.

2013 Strategic Grantmaking Review

In January 2013, Silicon Valley Community Foundation began the process of reviewing its grantmaking strategies to ensure it will continue to meet the community's most pressing needs in years to come. We expect the full process will take about 18 months. Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions about our 2013 strategic grantmaking evaluation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Organizations must be San Mateo and/or Santa Clara County-serving organizations. Organizations headquartered outside the two-county region must demonstrate significant service to the area.
  • Eligible organizations include those that are designated as a 501(c)(3), those that have a fiscal sponsor with a 501(c)(3) designation, or those that are public agencies, including school districts.
  • Organizations cannot discriminate based on race, color, national origin, citizenship status, creed, religion, religious affiliation, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or any other protected status under applicable law. If an organization only serves a specific population, e.g., women or specific ethnic populations, the community foundation will consider the proposal on a case-by-case basis.
  • Organizations with religious affiliations will be considered for funding only if the project for which they seek support attempts to address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.

Online Application Process



Grantmaking Process

Frequently Asked Questions    

What are Silicon Valley Community Foundation's grantmaking strategies?
The strategies are Economic Security, Education, Immigrant Integration and Regional Planning. In addition, Community Opportunity Fund grants focus on time-sensitive issues, community and philanthropic leadership and regional innovation.

How did the community foundation pick the strategies?
We conducted an extensive process to review best practices, identify key issues facing our region and gather research. We hosted a series of nine community conversations and conducted an online survey. After listening to others, we began a thorough review to select the most critical areas in which we could have an impact.

Who decided on those strategies?
Our board of directors approved the strategies, which were recommended by community foundation staff.

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Reporting Guidelines    

Grantees will be expected to meet the community foundation’s requirements for the submission of financial and narrative reports, including an interim progress report when appropriate and/or presentation to community foundation staff and donors, and a final report. Please visit the individual strategy pages to learn more.

RFP Archives

Examples of past RFPs are available for download in a PDF format here.  RFPs that are currently open for proposals are listed on the individual strategy pages (see the links in the sidebar).

Grantee List

Silicon Valley Community Foundation is focused on innovative solutions that solve problems and improve the quality of life throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. We work with some of the most effective nonprofit organizations in the state. All of our grantees and descriptions of their projects are publicly available on our site here.