Immigrant Integration

Promoting mutual benefits for immigrants and their receiving communities

In our region, one-third of our residents are immigrants, nearly half of our workforce is foreign-born and close to two-thirds of those under the age of 18 are children of immigrants.

Given this demographic reality, a new social model of immigrant integration - one that promotes mutual benefits for immigrants and their receiving communities while allowing newcomers enhanced civic participation and improved economic mobility - is critical.

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Immigration Integration


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Strengthening the Legal Services Infrastructure Adult English Language Acquisition Bridging the Cultural Gap

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RFP Release:  April 7, 2014
Info Session: April 8, 2014
Proposals Due: May 9, 2014

RFP Release: September 29, 2014
Info Session: October 14, 2014
Proposals Due: October 31, 2014

Since January 2013, consistent with our values, SVCF has engaged in an open, transparent and comprehensive review of all our grantmaking strategies. This process involved extensive conversations with grantee organizations, interviews with independent scholars and experts about trends related to our areas of work and an independent third-party evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of each grantmaking strategy.

Overall, SVCF found that across all of its grantmaking strategies our nonprofit and government partners made significant positive impacts to make our region a better place. Based on our evaluation and review, SVCF has determined to keep the five grantmaking strategies in place while phasing out three of the nine sub-strategies.  The three sub-strategies that will be phased out are: foreclosure prevention counseling (part of the economic security strategy); bridging the cultural gap (part of the immigrant integration strategy); and safety-net services (part of the community opportunity fund strategy). 
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Targets the need for affordable and reliable immigration legal services provided by nonprofit community organizations. Targets the growing demand for high-quality English as a Second Language and Vocational English as a Second Language, or ESL and VESL instruction.
Grants support legal service providers or collaboratives that:
  • Explore the prioritization of unmet immigrant legal needs and provide collaborative members the opportunity to build cross-county connections.
  • Assess legal staff capacities to meet difficult immigration matters.
  • Expand the number of BIA-accredited staff at legal organizations and/or legal service collaboratives.
Grants will be provided for region wide efforts that:
  • Coordinate community college, adult education and nonprofit ESL and VESL programs;
  • Target instruction in our region to immigrants from the top five sending countries;
  • Promote best practices and maximize funding resources.