Investment Options

Silicon Valley Community Foundation offers an exceptional selection of investment pools. We have access to world-class investment managers and alternative investment strategies only available to large institutional investors. Each of our investment pools is carefully constructed and diversified across global investment opportunities to maximize return and minimize volatility.

Investment pools are designed to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons. The community foundation will maintain each fund's investment allocation through regular monthly rebalancing.

Fund advisors may:

  • Allocate to one or more investment pools; one or two pools is normally sufficient.
  • Change the investment allocation once per year; or under extenuating circumstances such as a significant change in charitable goals and time horizon for depleting the fund.

Investments are monitored regularly by the community foundation's experienced investment committee, investment consultant and staff. Despite significant volatility experienced by investors in recent years, the community foundation believes it is critical to remain focused on a coherent investment strategy.

For more details, please read our investment options (pdf) information sheet and click on the name of each investment pool in the table below.

Investment Pool Grantmaking Time Horizon Description
Long-Term Growth 7 years or more Diversified portfolio of global stocks and bonds
45% equity, 30% alternatives and 25% fixed income
Social Impact 7 years or more Diversified portfolio of global stocks and bonds from companies with strong financial and social records
70% equity and 30% fixed income
Balanced 3 to 7 years Balanced portfolio of global stocks and bonds
52% fixed income, 38% equity and 10% alternatives
Short-Term 1 to 3 years Portfolio of short and intermediate-term bonds
75% short-term, 15% global and 10% TIPS
Capital Preservation 1 year or less Portfolio of short-term, high quality securities
100% money market securities and Bank CDs

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