inancial report - Investing in the Common Good

Financial Reports - Investing in the Common Good

Our most recent financial report, released in October 2014, tells the story of our local, national and international giving. SVCF is the largest grantmaker to local charities, giving $197 million in the nine Bay Area counties in 2013.

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Silicon Valley has been the source of innovative, problem-solving philanthropic capital. SVCF, published by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, spotlights what’s working, identifies challenges and inspires participation in the solutions. To receive a copy, call 650.450.5400 or email

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Human Trafficking in Silicon Valley

Human Trafficking in Silicon Valley

In keeping with our mission to identify and address the most challenging problems, Silicon Valley Community Foundation partnered with the Juniper Networks Foundation Fund and Not For Sale to conduct a study on the nature and scope of human trafficking in Silicon Valley as well as what is being done to combat this horrific crime. We found that human trafficking is a complex and multi-dimensional form of exploitation that affects people of all ages and different nationalities, including U.S. citizens. Women, men and children are recruited, compelled into labor or commercial sex, held against their will, scared to leave and unaware of their rights.

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Silicon Valley Gives Report

2014 Silicon Valley Gives Report

What is the secret to bringing together nearly 15,000 people behind a common cause in tech-savvy,
independent-minded Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley Community Foundation found out by hosting the first-ever day of giving — called Silicon Valley
Gives — to benefit nonprofit organizations in San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Benito counties on May 6, 2014.

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2013 Year In Review: Possibilities Start Here

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of community foundations in the United States, and SVCF is celebrating that milestone in many ways. The foremost is that we are dedicating ourselves to making philanthropy accessible and rewarding for more individuals, families and companies than ever before. 

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Chinese Philanthropy - Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future

Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future: Chinese American Philanthropy in the Bay Area

This document has been developed as a companion to For Generations To Come: Chinese American Philanthropy In The San Francisco Bay Area, a report commissioned by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, sponsored by the Chinese American Community Foundation and developed by senior social scientists at LTG Associates.

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Chinese Philanthropy - For Generations To Come

For Generations to Come: Chinese American Philanthropy in the Bay Area

This document describes the findings of a study conducted with Chinese American donors living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The information was collected through in-depth interviews, and, following a brief overview of the community today, will be largely presented in the participants’ own words. In understanding the responses of the participants, whether they are newly arrived entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley or descendants of the first Chinese immigrants, it is important to understand their responses and vision in cultural context which they cited as formative.

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Economic Security Brief

Economic Security Impact Brief - Creating a Better Financial Future for Low-Income People

Silicon Valley is a region of stark economic contrasts. While great wealth is created here, many struggle to make ends meet and many suffered hard times even before the Great Recession.

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Education Impact Brief

Education Impact Brief - Closing the Middle School Achievement Gap in Mathematics

The study of Algebra I is commonly recognized as a gatekeeper to the college-preparatory track. Students who take algebra by eighth or ninth grade are far more likely to take calculus in high school and pursue higher education than those who do not.

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Immigration Impact Brief

Immigration Impact Brief - Making a Difference for Immigrants in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a diverse region. More than one-third of the 2.5 million residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are immigrants, and almost two-thirds of those younger than 18 are children of immigrants.

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Regional Planning Impact Brief

Regional Planning Impact Brief - Creating Great Communities in Silicon Valley

Notwithstanding the recent recession, Silicon Valley is a place with far more jobs than housing. This imbalance drives up an already high cost of living and pushed people who cannot afford homes into outlying areas many miles from their jobs.

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Index of Silicon Valley 2014

2014 Index of Silicon Valley

Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network and Silicon Valley Community Foundation release the 2014 Index of Silicon Valley

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Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Independent Auditor’s Report and Consolidated Financial Statements reported upon by Moss Adams LLP, Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s outside audit firm.


2013 Corporate Citizen Report

2013 Corporate Citizenship Report

This report highlights the ways in which companies give back, while also looking at where and how companies' philanthropy will evolve in the years to come. We extend our thanks to the many companies that participated in this research, and look forward to future work together.

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are they ready?

Are They Ready? - Measuring Children’s Readiness for School

How well prepared are Silicon Valley's children to enter elementary school? For more than a decade, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties have been conducting regional school readiness assessments to help answer this question. This issue brief discusses a new, free assessment tool known as Desired Results Developmental Profile - School Readiness.

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San Mateo County - Immigrant Focus

San Mateo County - Immigrant Focus

San Mateo County’s immigrant population is growing at a rate greater than in any other county in the state. Because of this demographic reality, Silicon Valley Community Foundation partnered with the Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies at San Jose State University to complete the first-of-its-kind study of immigrants residing in San Mateo County. Our goal was to better understand their needs, aspirations and challenges. This issue brief was released in October 2013.

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The Bay Area Muslim Study

The Bay Area Muslim Study: Establishing Community and Identity

This benchmark study provides historical, religious, and cultural context for a community that is often misunderstood and misrepresented – in our schools and communities. For the first time, this report gathers quantitative and qualitative research about the needs of the Bay Area Muslim community and suggests recommendations for philanthropy, public agencies and the private sector.

2012 Report - Year in Review

At Home in a Global Community: 2012 Year in Review

Read our year-end report, highlighting the impact of our leadership and grantmaking and the work of our donors.

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Held Back

Held Back: Addressing Misplacement of 9th Grade Students in Bay Area School Math Classes

A report issued by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP with support from Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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San Mateo County Coastside Tsunami-Prepared Assessment Report

San Mateo County Coastside Tsunami-Preparedness Assessment Report

On March 11, 2011, residents of Half Moon Bay and nearby communities responded to a voluntary
tsunami evacuation warning immediately following the massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake and
tsunami in Japan. By most accounts, response to this warning went fairly smoothly, but there were
several problems that prompted Silicon Valley Community Foundation to commission a community
disaster preparedness assessment.

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School District Report

How Did We End Up With 54 School Districts in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties?

From Daly City to Gilroy, more than 350,000 students now attend 566 public schools in 54 different school districts. Learn more about the history of school district formation in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties in our latest report and why we believe a conversation is necessary to organize school districts in different ways for both school budgets and student achievement.

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2012: The City of San Jose's Budget Crisis

Learn about San Jose's city budget and the balancing act necessary to keep things moving forward, the impact of cuts and the choices for the future.

Index of Silicon Valley 2011

On the Shoulders of Generations

Read this special report on philanthropy in the Indian American community of Silicon Valley


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Tying the Knot

The Founding of Silicon Valley Community Foundation


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Projections 2011: Mobilizing for Reform & Recovery:

A report for recommended reform solutions, released in partnership with Silicon Valley Leadership Group.



Time to Act: Closing the Racial Achievement Gap

In Silicon Valley, too many students of color are not succeeding in school. Learn more about policy recommendations that could change that in our policy brief, Time to Act: Closing the Racial Achievement Gap, produced in partnership with Silicon Valley Education Foundation.



A Parents Guide to Starting Kindergarten

Prepare your child for a successful start in kindergarten. Download A Parent's Guide to starting Kindergarten today, available in English and Spanish.

Report on the status of payday lending in California

Our latest report, in partnership with the Public Interest Law Firm, examines the negative impact that payday lending can have in our communities.