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Regional Planner Impact Brief

Caltrain Holiday Train

As the population grows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, our current public transportation system becomes increasingly important in terms of how residents travel to and from jobs, schools and their neighborhoods.  That is why we are proud to partner with Caltrain on behalf of this year’s Holiday Train.  Partnering with Caltrain on the Holiday Train event and its passenger service allows Silicon Valley Community Foundation to help promote sustainable and healthy communities throughout the region.

Regional Planning

Silicon Valley Community Foundation is also investing in innovative land use and transportation programs through its regional planning grantmaking strategy. Even under the current economic conditions, our region has more jobs than homes.  This imbalance causes many workers to commute long distances in search of affordable housing, increasing traffic congestion and emissions, and diluting the sense of community. Land use and transportation decisions impact the quality of life for our community's residents and workers, particularly low-income communities, communities of color and immigrant neighborhoods. As Silicon Valley grows, land use and transportation policies aimed at building more homes close to transit for our diverse community are essential to ensure a sustainable society, economy and natural environment. The Regional Planning strategy targets the promotion of equitable smart-growth principles in land use and transportation planning processes and their implementation.

Download our Interim Report and Final Report guidelines.


Regional Planning Grants

Application Opens: June 8, 2015
Information Session: June 17, 2015, 10-11 a.m.
Proposals Due: July 10, 2015

Grants support programs that:

  • Technical assistance – Including research, consulting, mediation, facilitation, legal counseling and other professional assistance.
  • Community outreach and convening – Capacity and tools needed to engage residents of color, recent immigrants and low-income residents in planning decisions
  • Education – of community-based organization staff and/or of community members – on how the local planning process works, with an emphasis on effective intervention points and methods
  • Advocacy – Education of public officials and other decision makers of the benefits of equitable smart-growth and transit-oriented development
  • Communications training, including how to work with the media


Silicon Valley Community Foundation supports the Grand Boulevard Initiative, a regional collaboration dedicated to the revitalization of the El Camino Real corridor.