The organizational structure of Silicon Valley Community Foundation is reflective of our large scope and mission. Our staff are dedicated to providing world-class customer service to donors, nonprofits and community partners so that together, we can create a better quality of life for all. Whether you are looking for ways to learn about our diverse community, support the issues that matter most to you or apply for funding, Silicon Valley Community Foundation can help.


Executive Office
CEO and President Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D. email - bio
Executive Assistant to the CEO and President and Board Liaison Lianne Araki email - bio
Chief Giving Officer Eleanor Clement Glass email - bio
Community Leadership
Vice President, Community Leadership and Grantmaking Erica Wood email - bio
Community Leadership and Grantmaking Assistant Cheryl Platon email
Director, Center for Early Learning Avo Makdessian email
Director, Initiatives Mauricio Palma email - bio
Senior Community Leadership Officer Margot Rawlins email - bio
Initiative Officer, Raising A Reader Pat Flynn Sasso email - bio
Initiative Officer, School Readiness Michelle Sioson Hyman email - bio
Initiative Officer Jessica Mihaly email - bio
Community Leadership Associate Kimberley Kirk email
Early Learning and Education Administrative Assistant Mei Wu email - bio
Director, Grantmaking Manuel Santamaria email - bio
Senior Program Officer Gina Dalma email - bio
Program Officer Rafael Morales email - bio
Program Officer Vu-Bang Nguyen email - bio
Grantmaking Associate Sarah Davison email - bio
Donor Experience and Engagement
Chief Donor Experience and Engagement Officer Leigh Stilwell email - bio
Executive Assistant to the Chief Donor Experience and Engagement Officer Johanna Thorn email - bio
Senior Director, Donor Experience and Engagement Marie Young email - bio
Senior Philanthropy Advisor Jennifer Kane email - bio
Senior Philanthropy Advisor Victoria Mendiola email - bio
Philanthropy Advisor Michelle Fries email - bio
Philanthropy Advisor Carlos Garcia email - bio
Philanthropy Advisor Palak Joshi email - bio
Philanthropy Advisor Casey Kellogg email - bio
Philanthropy Advisor Misti Sangani email - bio
Philanthropy Associate Jozelle Delos-Reyes email
Philanthropy Associate Diane Nguyen email - bio
Philanthropy Associate Christie Verdadero email - bio
Scholarships Officer Lisa Alvarez email - bio
Finance and Administration
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer Vera Bennett email - bio
Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer Katarina Koster email - bio
Senior Vice President, Finance John Stuckey email - bio
Vice President, Finance Sarah Valencia email - bio
Finance Administrative Assistant Federica Hughes email - bio
Controller David Haugen email - bio
Senior Accountant, Client Services Lisa Huang email - bio
Accountant, Client Services Bill Nguyen email - bio
Senior Accountant Allan Ocon email - bio
Budget and Payroll Manager Diane Luong email - bio
Senior Accountant Gretchen Pacheco email - bio
Accounting Analyst Kim Diep email
Accounts Payable Associate Silvia Villarreal email
Facilities and Office Services
Facilities and Office Services Manager Kelli Flanagan email - bio
Facilities and Office Services Coordinator Sherita Gibson email - bio
Facilities and Office Services Receptionist/Assistant Natalie Ross email
Facilities and Office Services Assistant Suzy Barron email
San Mateo Conference Center Coordinator Dawn Burroughs email - bio
Headquarters Receptionist Peggy Packard email - bio
Grants, Gifts and Compliance
Vice President, Grants, Gifts and Compliance D. Lea Rauscher email - bio
Director, Grants Administration Shirley Lam email - bio
Grants Administration Officer Christine Morissette email - bio
Gifts Administration Officer Linda Pray email - bio
Matching Gifts Administration Officer Katie Moog email - bio
International Grants Administration Officer Damon James email - bio
Gifts Associate Claudia Kelly email - bio
Gifts Associate Kenna Sylliaasen email - bio
Gifts Associate Hayley Bendanillo email - bio
Grants Associate Christopher Drysdale email
Grants Associate Denise Goulart email
Grants Associate Richard Lee email - bio
Grants Associate Amanda Petersen email - bio
Grants Associate Katie Robinson email - bio
Grants Associate Linh Tran email - bio
Matching Gifts Associate Kristin Dahlin email - bio
Matching Gifts Administration Accountant Linh Vo email
Grants Assistant Emma Serianni email - bio
  Human Resources
Vice President, Human Resources Don Aguilar email - bio
Senior Human Resources Generalist Phil Wiggett email - bio
Human Resources Assistant Monica Nicholl email
Information Systems
Vice President, Information Technologies Patrick O'Sullivan email - bio
Enterprise Application and Database Manager Judy Chan email - bio
IT Manager Mark Muscat email - bio
Computer Support Specialist Casey Nakayama email - bio
Web Applications Administrator Akiko Ebina email - bio
Database Application Support Specialist Myha Nguyen email
Vice President, Investments Bert Feuss email - bio
Director, Investments Mark Doherty email - bio
Business, Development and Brand
Chief Business, Development and Brand Officer Mari Ellen Reynolds Loijens email - bio
Executive Assistant to the Chief Business, Development and Brand Officer Rui Zhou email - bio
Interim Vice President, Development Wendy Chou email - bio
Senior Development Officer Kerry Bresnahan email - bio
Development Officer Sabira Alloo email
Associate Development Officer Diane Lai email - bio
Development Data Analyst Sabrina Wilensky email - bio  
Development and Planned Giving Associate Lakshmi Krishnan email  
Business Services
Vice President, Business Services Samantha Owen email - bio
Director, Business Services Melanie LeGrande email - bio
Director, Corporate Philanthropy Maeve Miccio email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Julie Hopper email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Anubha Jain email
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Lindsey Kneuven email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Wen-Chih O'Connell email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Milton D. Speid email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Hoa Tran email - bio
Corporate Philanthropy Manager Eshe Hamme email
Corporate Philanthropy Manager, Yahoo Employee Foundation Sophy Yem email - bio
Matching Gifts Manager Jessica Stanford email - bio
Corporate Responsibility Associate, Symantec Patricia Nevers email - bio
 Marketing and Communications
Vice President, Marketing and Communications Sidney G. Griffin Jr. email - bio
Creative Director Ian Kawata email - bio
Marketing Director Sue McAllister email - bio
Digital Marketing and Social Media Lead Sarah Goodman email - bio
Marketing and Communications Associate Nicolette Wilson email - bio
Innovate Public Schools
Executive Director Matt Hammer email - bio
Director, Silicon Valley Parent Action Network Jose Arenas email - bio
Director, Research and Policy Jeimee Estrada email - bio
 Director, Schools Amanda Gardner email - bio
Executive Assistant Mirella Machuca email
Raising a Reader® National Office
Executive Director Gabrielle E. Miller Ed.D. email - bio
Senior Director of Operations Nida Crisostomo email - bio
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Angie Bush email - bio
Senior Accountant Shelly Coulter email - bio
Manager of Administrative Services Arleen Arnal email - bio
Senior Director, East Coast Programs Rebecca Armstrong email - bio
Senior Director, Finance Shannon Atkinson, CPA email
Senior Director, West Coast Programs Georganne Morin email - bio
Manager, Curriculum, Training and Affiliate Relations Nancy Yue email
Manager, East Coast Programs Derrell Washington email - bio
Manager, Customer Service and Operations Marie Masaitis email - bio
Manager, Grants Accounting Jennifer Ford email - bio
Manager, School Age Programs Kristen Anderson email
Manager, National Strategic Partnerships Raquel Espana email
Manager, Programs and Communication Tymisha Sweet email - bio
Manager, Warehouse and Operations Stephen Chan email - bio
Accounting Associate Eric Lau email - bio
Administrative Assistant Jessie Galvez email - bio
Warehouse Assistant Josh Blankenship email - bio