SVCF Managed Scholarship Funds

SVCF Managed Scholarships support a variety of students. While some scholarships focus on academic achievement, school and community service and specific majors, others seek to motivate students who show academic potential. All these programs consider financial need or unusual hardships.

In 2015 we awarded 154 SVCF Managed Scholarships with awards totaling over $616,500. See a list of 2015 Scholarship Recipients.

The application deadline for most SVCF Managed Scholarships was February 24, 2016. Please view scholarship details for deadline information.

Graduate Programs

These scholarships support students who are pursuing advanced academic (master’s or Ph.D.) or professional (in disciplines such as dentistry, law, medicine, etc.) degrees. Application Instructions

Re-entry and Non-traditional Student Programs

These scholarships support students who are enrolled or plan to enroll in community college, including adults who are pursuing a college education later in life, are seeking new job skills and training, or are juggling work or family responsibilities. Application Instructions

Employer Related Programs

Businesses provide these scholarships to support employees and their dependents.

Application InstructionsApplication Instructions