Bright Futures Scholarships

Each year, Silicon Valley Community Foundation receives an average of 600 scholarship requests from worthy students in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Yet because of the limited amount of funds available, we are only able to support the needs of around 140 of these students. That means that each year, we are forced to turn down hundreds of bright, promising young people.

To address this problem, in 2010, we established the Bright Futures Scholarship Fund. Its purpose is to provide scholarships to local students who have applied for, but not received, a scholarship from one of our community foundation-managed scholarship programs.

The Bright Futures Scholarship Fund makes it possible for talented students – those with demonstrated academic promise who are planning to enroll as a full-time student – to continue chasing their educational dreams.

During this holiday season, we ask and encourage you to support the Bright Futures Endowment Fund. By making a direct contribution you can help ensure the longevity of this impactful program. Your action will increase the number of scholarship awards given to deserving young people pursuing their dreams.

Thank you for all you do to brighten the future of others.