Grants: Where the Giving Goes

SVCF makes grants to nonprofit organizations that are large and small, old and new, local, regional, national and international.

Explore the catalog

We hope you will use this tool to explore the catalog of thousands of grants made by SVCF in 2020, as well as the five previous years. In doing so, you can see the breadth of causes that our donors care about (as witnessed by the grants from donor advised, committee advised and corporate advised funds). You can also see those grants that have been directed by our staff and board of directors (grants from our “discretionary grantmaking”) because of their central importance to SVCF’s strategic focus areas for improving life in Silicon Valley. 

The data provided here represent more than $1.78 billion in grants made by Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2020 from certain types of funds: donor advised funds, corporate advised funds, and committee advised funds. It also includes grants made from SVCF’s discretionary grantmaking strategies.

The data does not include grants from SVCF supporting organizations, employee matching gift funds and a variety of other fund types. Thus, the grant totals represented here may not equal the amount of grantmaking reported in our audited financial statements. The data shown here do provide an informative look at the breadth of causes supported by SVCF donors and by our strategic focus areas. Grant amounts shown as negative numbers represent adjustments to prior years’ grants.