About SVCF

SVCF About Us

Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems. 

We partner with families, individuals and corporations to manage and facilitate their philanthropy. We connect donors’ interests to the most pressing needs, whether in Silicon Valley or around the globe. SVCF shapes critical public policy issues, partners with nonprofit groups and institutions advancing the best ideas and directs resources swiftly and strategically toward unforeseen needs.

SVCF formed in 2007, and we are proud that since then we have awarded more than $6 billion in grants locally, nationally and globally. Of those grants, more than $3 billion has gone to support charities in the nine-county Bay Area in California.

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What We Do

We play an exciting role in addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges of our communities. SVCF provides leadership, expertise and capital to help address social issues in our region. We also serve as a resource for nonprofit, civic, government and philanthropic organizations. There are four primary ways in which we contribute:

  • Commission research: We commission research to identify emerging issues, monitor trends and provide analysis. To read about research we have recently commissioned, visit the publications page.
  • Conduct public discussions: We bring people together to engage in discussion and problem solving. These events often stimulate new insights while encouraging diverse perspectives. Check our calendar for information on upcoming events and discussions.
  • Advocate: We take principled positions on critical issues and advocate policy outcomes. To learn more about policy, visit the publications page.
  • Create initiatives: We often launch initiatives and special projects, partnering with other foundations, corporations, nonprofits, donors and government agencies to work on specific topics or issues. Visit our strategic initiatives page for more information.

How We Work With You

Community leadership requires collaboration, and we partner with other foundations, corporations, nonprofits, donors and government agencies on cross-sector solutions that multiply our reach and impact. Our credibility and determination to objectively identify solutions for overall benefit gives us the unique ability to link diverse groups, with different agendas, together in a common effort. Our leadership has led to significant progress on difficult issues such as education reform, the child welfare system, economic security, social equity and environmental awareness.

Who We Work With

Individuals, families, businesses and organizations work with us to create permanent charitable funds that help address our community’s challenges. SVCF invests and administers these funds. For donors, we offer a range of charitable giving options that provide tax benefits and strategic advice about philanthropy. All of our work is carried out adhering to a set of core values:

  • Courage
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Accountability

Stories About Our Impact


The Big Lift, an effort to improve children’s literacy in San Mateo County. Last fall, staff in the Center for Early Learning got the exciting news that the program had been selected to receive a $7.5 million Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant from the Corporation for National and Community... Read more....

Longtime SVCF donor Bette Moorman has for years funded a community engagement program that was dear to her heart. Each year, Moorman sponsored over 40 field trips for students in San Mateo County public schools, sending hundreds of kids to museums or musical performances or on other outings in... Read more....

Another local solution is CONEC, an online tool to help nonprofits that offer legal services to Silicon Valley immigrants who are striving to assimilate and succeed. In creating this online volunteer-matching tool, SVCF worked with a network of 15 nonprofit organizations that offer an array of... Read more....

Scholarships are vital tools for local students. In our annual efforts to nurture students on their path to higher education and careers, SVCF awarded nearly 400 scholarships totaling $1.7 million to students enrolled in high school, community college and university programs for the 2014-15... Read more....

Many of SVCF’s donors are focused on delivering tangible solutions and tools to help others. Terri Bullock is an SVCF donor and director of the Windrider Film Forum, Bay Area. Bullock, whose sister suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s disease, was moved by the Sundance Audience Award-winning... Read more....


Last year we were able to work with several major companies to facilitate their philanthropic efforts around specific causes. In one case there was literally a stage involved in the work we did, and a big one: the organizers of the Concert for Valor — HBO, Starbucks and Chase — turned to SVCF to... Read more....

A highlight of last year came on December 2, when we co-hosted a historic convening of community foundation executives and government representatives at the White House. The gathering both celebrated the centennial of the first community foundation and explored ways in which these vital... Read more....


SVCF’s collaboration with YourCause has simplified international charitable giving for thousands of employees across the U.S. and laid the groundwork for much wider expansion of philanthropy across foreign borders. In partnering with Texas-based YourCause, SVCF has approved a pre-qualified list... Read more....

SVCF brought simplicity to international giving for those moved to help address the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen selected SVCF to process donations for his international Tackle Ebola fund. As the spread of the deadly disease accelerated last... Read more....

SVCF worked with Glamour magazine on The Girl Project, a program to raise charitable funds to send girls around the world to school who could not otherwise afford it. We were proud to be selected as a trusted partner in this effort, and happy to know that we had again helped a nationally known... Read more....