Alex Gallagher

Associate, Donor Services

Alex GallagherAs a Donor Engagement Associate, Alex supports donors through their philanthropic journey with SVCF. She works to create meaningful change and deepen engagement within their communities. She also assists with the production of various donor engagement events and the management of the online donor system.

Prior to joining SVCF at the end of 2018, Alex held a variety of roles at a third party human resources administrator in Madison, WI. She worked in both the marketing department and on philanthropic projects. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in Economics and Nonprofit Leadership.

Alex is excited about returning to the Bay Area and contributing to the community in a meaningful way. Building on her volunteer experience at multiple nonprofits both in the Midwest and the Bay Area, she strives to use her position at SVCF to empower community leaders and local nonprofits. Alex spends her free time hiking with her dogs, trying new places to eat and traveling.