The Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund

Anuj Mohan was only 30 years old when he lost his life following a tragic near-drowning accident. In his short life Anuj had already touched many people, and in his memory, his family has created a scholarship fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation with the goal of sending talented students with limited means to MIT or Wharton in Anuj's name every year.

“Our goal was to honor Anuj and find a way to continue his work into perpetuity. Given his passion for education and life-long focus on finding opportunities for deserving people, we could think of no better way to do that than this fund,” said his brother Neal Mohan.

Anuj Mohan, beloved son of Dr. Deepa Mohan and Dr. Aditya Mohan, brother of Neal and Kapil, and brother-in-law of Hema, was born in Florida on Ram Navami, April 9, 1976. He spent the first few years of his life in Florida and Michigan doing wheelies in the driveway with his yellow dirt bike, playing GI Joe with his brothers and friends, and charming his teachers with his unassuming brilliance and ever-present dimples.

When the Mohans moved to India in 1985, Anuj faced the challenge of immersing himself in a new culture and learning to speak, read and write Hindi from scratch in a couple of months. Anuj took that in stride and, with the discipline and determination he would consistently display throughout his life, went on to blossom into a star pupil, champion debater, gifted athlete, and, most importantly, cherished friend during his years at St. Francis School in Lucknow, India.

In 1994, Anuj returned to the US to attend MIT. He pledged the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, where he met life-long friends, and played on MIT’s varsity baseball team. While earning B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, he published two papers on machine learning and artificial intelligence in peer-reviewed scientific journals. But, “Nuji,” as he was known by those who love him, is perhaps best remembered for all the little things he always selflessly found time to do for others.

Upon graduating, Anuj headed to Silicon Valley to join KANA Communications where he rode the dot-com roller coaster for six years, quickly becoming a mentor to employees in offices around the world. Outside of work, he founded and directed the Software Entrepreneurship Lecture Series of the 8,000-member MIT Alumni Club of Northern California. In between he made time for his favorite activities like catching a baseball game, making wonderful meals with Flo, riding his bike around the Bay Area, and, of course, reading a good book.
In 2005, Anuj decided to pursue an MBA at The Wharton School at UPenn. In May, he completed his first year. Anuj earned a spot on the Director’s List but this did not come at the expense of cultivating relationships with fellow students and faculty, becoming Co-President of the Entrepreneurship Club, and regularly competing on the soccer field.

But you would never hear of these accomplishments from him. Although those around him saw immediately that he was immensely talented, at his core, Anuj was extremely humble. By all accounts, he was a person of uncompromising integrity and sincerity. A true leader, Anuj had the incredible gift of enabling people to achieve their full potential. He asked “what do you think?” because he sincerely believed that everyone had something important to contribute.

Anuj was kind, thoughtful, and always generous of his time, wisdom, and spirit. When his father was diagnosed with kidney failure, Anuj broke down bureaucratic barriers in the US government and the medical establishment to allow his parents to immigrate back to the US, quickly securing the care his father needed, eventually leading to a transplant. Unquestionably, Anuj was who you wanted by your side when things got tough. A man of his word, he would be there to help you navigate your way out of any situation. His unwavering faith and spirituality kept him grounded and ever positive.

He leaves behind a family that loved him beyond description, a community of dear friends, and a world that is truly better because he inhabited it. Anuj, you are the finest human being we have ever known. But mostly we just miss your warm smile and ready laugh.