Asset Building Grantees - 2010

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara County Expand free tax services and financial education classes for very low and low-income clients. $126,000
Community Financial Resources San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Increase financial capabilities of unbanked and underserved low-income families by partnering with community service organizations to offer consumer friendly, low-cost banking tools with task-based financial education programs. $118,700
EARN San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Expand access to financial coaching for low-wage workers by providing training to community-based organizations and delivering direct financial coaching services. $125,000
Opportunity Fund San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Provide 500 of Silicon Valley’s working families with financial preparedness education and incentives to save for the future through a nationally–recognized Individual Development Account program and to launch an innovative new IDA product enabling the lowest-income families to build an emergency fund. $150,000
Pacifica Resource Center, a project of the Tides Center San Mateo County Expand core human needs services to include financial education and asset-building strategies for low-income families and individuals in Pacifica, such as free tax preparation, financial support groups and financial coaching. $68,750
Project Read, North San Mateo County San Mateo County Provide low-income first- and second-generation immigrants with financial literacy, one-on-one coaching and savings vehicles to support greater economic stability. $121,500
Sacred Heart Community Service Santa Clara County Help people facing poverty become economically self-sufficient through improved access to peer support, wealth-building resources and tools to gain assets and financial education. $77,400
Self-Help Economic Development Santa Clara County Scale a "Micro-Branch" credit union model in East San Jose that serves previously un-banked Latino immigrant families by delivering “in line” financial education and facilitating asset building through event-based savings and lower-cost access to necessary financial services. $150,000
United Way of the Bay Area, on behalf of the SparkPoint San Mateo Center Collaboration San Mateo County Expand the SparkPoint San Mateo Center at Skyline College serving low-income San Mateo residents — particularly persons of color, those with limited English and those from immigrant households — so they can easily access a full range of integrated financial education and asset-building tools and supports that will move them closer to financial stability. $119,620
United Way Silicon Valley Santa Clara County Launch volunteer-led credit-coaching program that provides low-income individuals and families with one-on-one assistance to use on-line financial tools and resources to build healthy credit. $117,986
Working Partnerships USA Santa Clara County Develop financial education and asset-building components tailored to current and prospective building and construction trade workers in a green pre-apprenticeship program. $50,000