Business Council for Innovation in Education

The California State legislature has mandated that by the end of the 2014-15 school year all California public school students will be assessed under the new Common Core State Standards, which were conceived to identify and develop the skills students need to compete and thrive in a global economy.

The new standards are designed to build students’ higher-order thinking; spark curiosity and exploration; use technology intentionally and increase literacy skills and knowledge.  However, the new standards will only be as strong as their implementation. Successfully operationalizing the CCSS will require teachers, school administrators, experts and every district in our region to work collaboratively.

“Texas Instruments is proud to serve as a founding member of the Business Council for Innovation in Education. Through our membership in BCIE and our support of the Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative, we are ensuring students have the skills and knowledge they’ll need for the jobs of the future.”

  -Andy Smith
Executive Director, Texas Instruments Foundation
& Director of Corporate Philanthropy, Texas Instruments

Membership Details

Through membership in this business council, companies will demonstrate their commitment to a 21st century education focused on fostering youth creativity, ingenuity, and resilience, enabling local students to succeed in a competitive global workforce. Membership will support the Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative: a three-year initiative to encourage district collaboration to take advantage of economies of scale in teacher professional development, instructional resources and technology. More information about opportunities to Invest in Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive briefings, site visits and events focused on the status of implementation of new state standards in local Santa Clara and San Mateo schools,
  • Access to employee education materials on how new standards will affect their children, and
  • Publicity opportunities for your company to stand up for the new learning standards.

Please contact or call 650.450.5444 to learn more.