Nov 24, 2020
Many organizations responded to the call for rapid relief for victims when wildfires tore through our communities this summer. Our Coastside communities in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties were already facing challenges due to COVID-19 when the wildfires made the need for economic aid, food and... Read More
Nov 18, 2020
The Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT) is a grantee of SVCF’s San Mateo and Santa Clara County Wildfire Fund. AMLT President Valentin Lopez and AMLT Interim Executive Director Sara French join SVCF Philanthropy Now podcast to talk about their fire recovery efforts. In conversation with SVCF Family... Read More
Nov 17, 2020
The historic November 3 general election will impact our country, state and region for years to come. While the dust is still settling, we are beginning to get a general idea of what the impact may be. Early signs are pointing to a difficult road ahead for the communities Silicon Valley Community... Read More
Nov 12, 2020
Along with so many people all over the country, I hope that we can repair some of the divisions in this country that were laid bare in this recent presidential election, and move toward a brighter future – one in which we can vanquish the pandemic and create more justice for all. I am... Read More
Nov 04, 2020
It is hard not to feel anxious about what is to come.  For many, the future will be shaped by the final outcome of this presidential election. No matter one’s party affiliation or whom you voted for, one thing holds true for all of us: this election season has been fraught, and has... Read More
Nov 04, 2020
Welcome to the sixth episode in our SVCF Philanthropy Now podcast mini-series featuring conversations focused on Racial Equity and Social Justice with the members of SVCF’s Community Advisory Council. Listen to the previous episode in the mini-series here, and continue to subscribe to the... Read More
Oct 28, 2020
Executive Director of Sacred Heart Community Service Poncho Guevara joins SVCF’s Executive Vice President of Community Action, Policy and Strategy in a conversation about the importance of supporting BIPOC leaders in the nonprofit sector. SVCF grantee Sacred Heart Community Service is a key... Read More
Oct 26, 2020
As we wrap up a tumultuous 2020, a year colored by a global pandemic, cries for racial justice, and a presidential election unlike any other, SVCF invites you to reflect: what are you grateful for? A roof over your head? Food for your family? Some of these basic necessities are out of reach for our... Read More
Oct 21, 2020
In this episode, join Manuel Santamaria and Leticia Gonzalez from SVCF's Community Action, Policy and Strategy team in a discussion about the findings from a recent survey conducted with grantees of SVCF’s COVID-19 Regional Nonprofit Emergency Fund. The survey results provide insights... Read More
Oct 19, 2020
As the world shook following George Floyd’s murder, calls for racial justice emerged with outrage and passion. Protesters from distant corners of the world implored that we address the root causes of systemic racism. This call to action is coming as our country is still reeling from the... Read More