Helping to fill the tech-hiring pipeline with STEM-minded Latino grads

TechSilicon Valley Community Foundation is excited to be part of a new scholarship program that will support Latino college students studying science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) -- and hopefully start to turn around the dismally low numbers of Latinos in the high-tech workforce.  

The Latinos in Technology Scholarship – a component of the Latinos in Technology Initiative (LITI) led by the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, the leading Hispanic philanthropic organization in the region -- will provide up to 100 scholarships a year to Latino men and women entering their junior year of college who have chosen a STEM major. The funding comes from corporate sponsors such as Intel, which has committed to backing the program for five years.   

SVCF will administer the application and selection process for the scholarship program, and will provide support to LITI’s second component – the “Family College Success Center.” The Family College Success Center will provide college-aspiring middle school and high school students and their parents with college-access information, advice, guidance, workshops and online resources. 

Latino Silicon Valley high school graduates who meet eligibility criteria can apply for the scholarships, which will provide up to $10,000 a year for students’ final two to three years of college anywhere in the United States. Applications are being accepted online through March 16, 2016; read the application instructions here

Through this and other initiatives to send Latinos “to and through college,” HFSV is trying to close the significant hiring gap that’s drawn critical scrutiny for many tech companies in Silicon Valley. Latinos comprise 28 percent of the general population and 38 percent of its K-12 public school student population -- yet only 3 percent of the high-tech workforce is Latino.

This scholarship initiative is a great complement to SVCF’s numerous education-related strategic initiatives, which include our Center for Early Learning, Common Core initiative, and The Big Lift for third-grade literacy. 

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