Immigration-related organizations receive $1.1 million in grants from SVCF

Seven nonprofits in Silicon Valley will receive funding to support their work with immigrants.

Immigrants are a fixture of the United States – 13.1 percent of the U.S. population are foreign born. Silicon Valley is one of the most concentrated population centers in the U.S. of foreign born people – more than one third of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are immigrants and more than two thirds of those younger than 18 are children of immigrants.

SVCF believes that our region’s continued prosperity and quality of life depend on our ability to create communities that recognize immigrants as assets and that honor shared values of family, hard work and opportunity for all.

Shifting immigration and enforcement policies have created an environment of increased fear, urgency and demand for support services and information to protect and prepare immigrant families for immigrant enforcement-related emergencies. The board of directors recently approved $1,115,000 to SVCF immigration-related strategies.

  • Strengthening the legal services infrastructure initiative ($1,015,000) targets the need for affordable and reliable immigration legal services
  • A new initiative, ensuring the safety and security of immigrants initiative ($100,000), works to support the immediate needs of immigrants caused by federal immigration policies and practices

The demand for immigrant safety and legal services and in our region continues to increase at a rate that exceeds nonprofit agencies’ capacity.

“Our investment in legal and safety services for immigrants expand the capacity of nonprofit organizations at a critical time,” said Valerie Cuevas, senior program officer at SVCF. “As we look ahead, continued support of legal services will be more essential than ever to the health and well-being of immigrant communities.” 

Since 2009, SVCF has strategically invested in immigration, focusing on supporting English language skills development, increasing the availability of affordable and high-quality legal services and more recently to ensure the safety and security of immigrants.

Project examples

Strengthening the legal services infrastructure

Two organizations, the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara Countyand the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, will support South Bay Legal Immigration Services Network and Collaborative Resources for Immigrant Services on the Peninsula, respectively, commitments to share resources, information, provide referrals and build capacity and relationships to handle complex cases, including removal defense. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County was awarded $460,000 and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center was awarded $408,000.

Servicing the African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants living in the South Bay, Dolores Street Community Services Inc.was awarded $45,000 to increase access to reliable, culturally and linguistically competent immigration services for these underserved communities.

Ensuring the safety and security of immigrants

Faith in Action received $50,000 to train immigrants about their rights and how to rapidly respond to and provide resources for those who are detained.

SVCF awarded $50,000 to the Islamic Networks Group support and execute the Know Your Neighbor campaign, which uses social media and community events to bring neighbors, co-workers and classmates across diverse cultural and religious backgrounds together for conversation and mutual learning.

View a complete list of all the 2017 strengthening the legal services infrastructure grantees and the latest ensuring the safety and security of immigrants grantees