Innovation Conference will focus on harnessing technology for social good

SVCF Innovation Conference

Technology is changing how we live, work and play. 

  • Teachers are expected to help students acquire skills that were unimaginable only a few years ago.
  • We monitor the rhythms of our bodies through wearable devices that provide instant feedback -- giving each of us more insight into our health than ever before.
  • Machines like 3D printers are making the impossible possible -- and replacing manufacturing jobs in the process.
  • Through it all, most of our daily interactions have hidden footprints that record mountains of data, ready to be analyzed by the people with the right tools. 

Join us for the Innovation Conference, Oct. 9-11 in San Francisco, and dive deeper into the implications of this technological revolution -- and what it means for our local and global communities. 

Philanthropists, private foundations and community foundations will hear from experts and explore how technology is transforming the areas of education, health, jobs and the economy, and big data. 

Together, we'll address how the philanthropic community can harness the power of technology to achieve social good. 

Early bird registration opens April 1. 

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The Innovation Conference will be the first in a series of events by the SVCF Learning Institute, a newly launched education and technical assistance arm of SVCF. 

SVCF Learning Institute