Magical Bridge Foundation, an SVCF grantee, teaches inclusivity on the playground


Here at SVCF, we deeply value the work our nonprofit grantees are doing and make an effort to go out into the community and experience that good work for ourselves. SVCF senior philanthropy advisor Andy Perkins took one such visit last year to Magical Bridge playground in Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, a project of Magical Bridge Foundation. Andy wanted to view the playground for himself and learn about efforts to bring a Magical Bridge Playground to Redwood City, and was so excited by his visit that he recommended a grant from his own donor advised fund to support the Redwood City Magical Bridge project.  


Magical Bridge co-founder Olenka Villarreal says Magical Bridge is not a 'special needs" playground. "It is simply a playground that aims to serve the many kinds of individuals who make up our communities,” she explains.  

The organization's leaders dream of creating playgrounds for everyone and everyBODY, they say, regardless of ability, disability, size or age. They are working toward this dream by creating playgrounds that address the varying play needs of an entire community, including those with cognitive and physical differences, hearing and visual impairments, the aging population and people living with autism.

"There was a space for everyone. There was not an age group or specific need that was not represented on the playground," says Andy Perkins. "Magical Bridge is one of the most innovative and inclusive playgrounds you will ever see, and bringing one to Redwood City will be an incredible contribution to that community." 

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