Moving forward with hope and determination

Moving forward with hope and determination

Along with so many people all over the country, I hope that we can repair some of the divisions in this country that were laid bare in this recent presidential election, and move toward a brighter future – one in which we can vanquish the pandemic and create more justice for all. I am determined to do what I can to make those hopes a reality.

As I wrote last week, one way that SVCF plans to help our community move forward is by creating the Community Catalyst Fund. With it, we will be making additional grants to support local organizations’ civic engagement work in the wake of a divisive election. Grants will also support longer-term efforts such as coalition-building, public policy advocacy and relational organizing. We have just begun accepting grant applications via our website and will continue to do so through Wednesday, December 2.

I must reiterate that in Silicon Valley we have much to be grateful for. Our region is home to caring people who have answered the call to help their neighbors deal with back-to-back crises this year. It is home to dedicated leaders and effective organizations that serving our region’s communities. We know there is a long road ahead of us as we address the longtime injustices in our society and continue to fight COVID-19. I am grateful for the opportunities we have to work together and confident that we will make progress on these common goals.

Nicole Taylor

President & CEO