Philanthropy Now podcast: Accounting Changes for 2017 with Paul Velaski (SVCF) and Liz Dollar (Moss Adams)

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Paul Velaski Liz Dollar
Paul Velaski
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, SVCF
Liz Dollar
Partner, Moss Adams

Today we're joined by SVCF COO and CFO Paul Velaski and Moss Adams Partner Liz Dollar to discuss the Financial Accounting Standards Board's updates to the accounting standards for nonprofit entities.

Paul and Liz walk us through some of the major changes to reporting, which by and large should have a positive effect on the nonprofit sector. They cover early adoption of these standards, how disclosure requirements will change, and why accounting should be easier thanks to these updates. 

What you'll learn

  • Why FASB is updating its accounting standards for nonprofit organizations
  • Whether organizations can adopt the new standards early, and if so, how
  • Why the changes to presentation of net assets is getting a lot of press, and how it's changing
  • What you need to know about the brand-new area of disclosure: liquidity
  • How phase two of these updates might look and why FASB is trying to get nonprofit accounting on par with for-profit accounting standards
  • Why the time and cost of these updates should be positive for your nonprofit

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