Preparing for new milestones after a year of growth

Rebecca Dupras
Rebecca Dupras

Though we are well in to 2016, I want to take the opportunity to highlight for our professional advisor partners some of 2015’s most important information and milestones, as well as provide a look ahead. 

Milestones from 2015

New Minimum Balance for IMFs: SVCF changed its policy for Individually Managed Funds: The minimum amount to establish this fund has been lowered to $1 million. 

SVCF Extends Global Reach: SVCF visited sites in India on behalf of clients, helping to further their corporate social responsibility goals

Growth in Charitable Annuity Program: SVCF saw significant growth in the number of local nonprofit organizations we serve through our Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) program.

In 2015 we created 147 new funds of all types for donors, including 60 new donor advised funds. That brought SVCF’s total number of charitable funds to 1,921. We are also extremely proud of the phenomenal level of grantmaking support SVCF provided last year, thanks to our generous donors, and grateful for the new contributions we received to establish the charitable funds mentioned above: 

  • Grants to Bay Area charities from all funds: $358 million
  • Total grantmaking from all funds: $823 million
  • Total contributions: $1.2 billion
  • Assets under management: $7.3 billion

Looking ahead to 2016

We have a significant milestone to look forward to in autumn 2016 – the first major event by the SVCF Learning Institute, an educational and technical assistance arm of SVCF that was launched last year. SVCF will hold a three-day Innovation Conference in San Francisco to explore how technology and innovation are changing how we live, work and play – and how the philanthropic sector can harness these changes for social good.  

On Oct. 9-11, 2016, the conference will bring together philanthropists, private foundations, community foundations and corporations to examine how technology is changing the areas of education, health, jobs and the economy, and big data.

Early bird registration opens April 1. We hope to see you there! 

Thank you for contributing to SVCF’s regional, national and global impact. I look forward to continuing our work together throughout 2016.