Protect public health by donating to SVCF’s Coronavirus Response Fund

Coronavirus Response Fund

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States have been found in the Bay Area. Given our region’s status as a major conduit for international relations and travel, this is unsurprising. 

Fortunately, our region is already taking action. Local airports have increased screenings and restricted inbound and outbound travel to China, health officials have quarantined and are monitoring those diagnosed, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working closely with San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to strengthen our public health systems and mitigate the spread of the virus.

You, too, can help address the coronavirus outbreak. It is important to stay well-informed, as well as remain vigilant in countering any racism or xenophobia that surrounds this outbreak.   

We can work together to generate critical funds that will support resources on the frontlines of preventing, diagnosing and treating coronavirus. Learn more and donate now to COVID-19 Coronavirus Regional Response Fund.

As we learn more about coronavirus and how it develops in our region, we will be able to shift resources quickly and direct your donations to best meet these evolving needs. 

SVCF is committed to working with our communities and our partners to address our region’s emerging public health needs. I thank you for your ongoing support of our work, and for the roles you each play in making our region a better place for us all.