Statement from SVCF CEO Nicole Taylor on Capitol Hill violence on Jan. 6

Silicon Valley Community Foundation strongly condemns the violence that occurred at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, against our most sacred of democratic institutions – as well as the actions that incited the violence. We condemn the white supremacy that energized those at the Capitol steps and all attempts to undermine and overthrow a fair election and suppress the democratic process.

While we are outraged at the unacceptable behavior of those who used violence to express their views and at the elected officials who fueled their actions, the chaos on Capitol Hill yesterday is yet another emblem of the work ahead of us to heal and unite our country so that all can live peaceful, secure, fulfilling lives.

As will many across our country, SVCF will continue to work relentlessly, in partnership with our donors and community members, to uphold justice and continue building a diverse, inclusive and fair community.