SVCF opposes Proposition 6 in order to advance fair and just transportation investments in California.

Transportation investments in American cities have long prioritized modes and places frequented by the middle class, to the detriment of low-income disadvantaged communities. California took an important step to change that in 2017 when SB1, a landmark transportation funding bill, became law.

For the first time, SB1 created a stable, ongoing revenue source for public transportation, including local bus operations, sidewalks, and bike lanes. These most closely align with the transportation needs of vulnerable communities. Thanks to SB1, thousands of projects are currently under way to make transportation in our communities more safe, affordable and accessible. Some of the programs SB1 funds explicitly prioritize public transit projects in disadvantaged communities.

Proposition 6, which attempts to repeal the gas tax increase and vehicle fees in SB1, poses a severe threat to this progress. If Prop 6 passes, communities throughout California will be robbed of critical transportation investments. Prop 6 would eliminate $5.6 billion in transportation funding per year, including more than $1 billion for public transportation projects. Road improvements that would also support walking, biking and buses, public safety and traffic reduction, would also be erased. 

Voting no on Prop 6 can prevent that and keep California on a path toward renewable energy and equitable transportation choices. Silicon Valley Community Foundation emphasizes solving challenging problems and advancing opportunities for our low and middle income residents and workers through our support of public and philanthropic investments that address systemic barriers. We strongly oppose Prop 6.

We want a future for California that extends benefits to everyone and where bold and fair solutions are not precluded by narrow interests. Will you join us in this fight to protect transportation justice in California? Vote “no” vote on Prop 6.

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