SVCF partners with PGA of America to launch Golf Relief and Assistance Fund

Golf Relief Fund

In response to recent natural disasters and fires, the PGA of America announced the creation of the Golf Relief and Assistance Fund, which is administered by Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The fund will help provide relief to people who work in the golf industry and have suffered as a result of the recent disasters, including hurricanes and wildfires.

In a press release, the PGA of America said:

“We view the Golf Relief and Assistance Fund as a model of how the PGA Member can help show the positive role the PGA plays in the golf industry,” said PGA President Paul Levy. “We look to our Members to help spread the word about the availability of this fund to their fellow PGA Members and to others in golf industry communities who may be in need.”

Those who wish to apply for assistance from the fund – and anyone interested in making a tax-deductible donation to it – can learn more at