SVCF's decade of impact showcased in new report

As Silicon Valley Community Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary, we are reflecting on what it took to get to this point. SVCF is proud to have made more than $4.3 billion in grants since our inception in 2007, and grateful to have achieved significant growth and milestones along the way. 

The World is HomeA new report titled "The World is Home," published by SVCF in partnership with pfc Social Impact Advisors, chronicles our first decade. It  features interviews with 30 stakeholders, including staff members, foundation and corporate partners and community leaders, and also includes research and reviews of SVCF's work and materials. 

The report shares insight and lessons gained in the years since SVCF's formation from the merger of two community foundations. Today, we have grown to more than $8 billion in assets under management and a family of more than 2,000 donors.

As stated in the report:

"SVCF has redefined the nature of community and what it means to be a community foundation. It has earned a reputation both locally and globally for trusted leadership, transparency, neutrality, creativity, competence, and compassion.

"It has become a thought-leader in its field, co-convening a celebration of the hundredth anniversary of community foundations with the White House in 2014 and a national gathering of philanthropic and NGO leaders in 2016 to explore innovations for the future. It can respond to needs both in Silicon Valley and Northern California and — when that is where its donor-advisors wish to invest — in far-flung places like South Asia and Haiti.

"SVCF has redefined what community can be for community foundations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible financially and programmatically."

We are proud of our work and impact over the past 10 years, and we are looking ahead to the future, said SVCF's CEO and president, Emmett Carson.

"SVCF’s history of impact and growth," he said, "means that we have the opportunity and responsibility to make significant impact in partnership with donors, corporations, nonprofits and government to make Silicon Valley and our world a better place.”

Download or read the full report here: