Common Core Funders Working Group: Report

The Common Core Funders Working Group has released a report after a three-year review. Gina D. Dalma, Special Advisor on Public Policy to the CEO, and longtime vocal advocate of Common Core, participated in this effort.

From the report: “The Common Core State Standards—finalized in 2009 and adopted by 46 states and D.C.—define a 21st century vision for what young people need for success in college and careers in mathematics and English language arts. As such, their authors and many advocates believe the standards present an unprecedented opportunity to elevate the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning in America’s schools—and to tackle persistent problems in new ways.

“As that planned three-year time horizon for the learning agenda comes to a close, members of the Working Group are recommitting to their own plans for action in supporting the Common Core. Lessons learned from the Working Group’s efforts can inform the next phase of both individual funder action and collaborative grantmaking activities:

  • What has been learned about effective education philanthropy from supporting implementation of the Common Core?
  • What could funders do differently to support the standards going forward, given the experience of the past few years?
  • What has the field learned (or re-learned) about the challenges and approaches to systems change in education?

In conclusion: “The challenges and needs posed by the Common Core standards remain. Funder support—for better teaching materials and better tests, for communications and advocacy, for teacher development—will still be critical and even decisive in the years ahead.

Working individually and jointly, philanthropy has influenced the adoption and implementation of the new standards. But the need for aggressive and well-organized advocacy and communications; the simultaneous potential and limitations of funder collaboration; the lessons about continuous improvement; and remaining questions about philanthropy’s role in systems change all remain pressing needs for continued support and future undertakings.”

Silicon Valley Community Foundation is proud to be part of this working group. Please visit our Common Core page for continued updates.