Important Milestone - $50M in Matching Grants in 2015

In April 2013, SVCF  launched our partnership with YourCause to empower companies and their employees to make charitable contributions to an extensive network of fully qualified nonprofit organizations worldwide, at costs that are among the lowest in the industry. Working with our clients and their employees in this capacity has enabled us to make a significant impact in communities around the world.
We are currently working with more than 30 clients and I am proud to say that we facilitated more than $50 million in charitable grants through our employee engagement funds in 2015 alone. These funds are being directed to very important causes around the world including:
- $17 million+ to human service causes
- $8 million+ to education causes
- $2 million+ to animal and environment causes
Together with YourCause and our clients, we are enabling people around the world to become philanthropists. The impact, growth and scale of this work inspire us and we are excited for 2016, which promises continued growth and enhancements to our operational processes. 
Throughout 2015 we partnered with YourCause to identify ways we can streamline our work together. We are on a mission to ensure that our clients, their employees and the NGOs they support have a best-in-class experience. We look forward to providing more details about these plans with our shared clients in the coming months.
We congratulate our clients and their employees on their generosity.
For more information on how Silicon Valley Community Foundation can support your corporate responsibility work including supporting your employee engagement programs, please contact