SVCF offers site visits in India to corporate partners

Wen-Chih O'Connell

After great success with our in-country site visits last year and in an effort to meet increasing demand from corporate clients for such services, SVCF is planning a summer 2016 trip to India. In collaboration with interested corporate clients, we will schedule site visits to NGOs, in-country staff trainings and other customized services. This will enable companies to inform and strengthen their international work by turning to SVCF as an extra set of eyes, ears, hands and minds in India - much as Symantec Foundation and Juniper Networks India did last fall

Site visit agendas will be tailored to meet a company’s specific objectives. Visits can provide insight into NGOs with which the company has existing relationships, or can be used to explore potential new partnerships. SVCF staff offer advanced technical skills for evaluating a NGO’s capacity for collaboration and community impact.   

Customized training for companies’ CSR counterparts in India can cover topics such as how to evaluate potential partnerships, how to conduct a competitive grant round, best practices in corporate giving and more.

SVCF is also planning to convene a group of Indian CSR practitioners for information-sharing and networking. Please let us know if your colleagues might be interested in attending, and provide details about where they are based in India.

We look forward to continuing to partner with clients to make their international CSR more strategic and impactful. Please contact to explore service offerings in India or discuss global giving strategies. We also encourage you to find out more about SVCF's India CSR Affinity Group.