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Jul 22, 2016
As the corporate responsibility field matures, companies are moving beyond traditional cause-related marketing and grants to embedding responsibility-thinking into the core of their business. Increasingly, companies are not just sticking to tried and true causes like hunger or cancer, but... Read More
Jul 08, 2016
We would like to thank Benevity for their permission to republish this blog. ... After reading Kathy Gu’s review of Benevity's 2016 Goodness Matters User Conference on the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) website, we thought it would be a good time to pick her brain for... Read More
Jun 29, 2016
Silicon Valley Community Foundation congratulates the 2016 Civic 50 winners! The Civic 50 represents the 50 most community-minded companies in America as determined by an annual survey from The Points of Light. The initiative was founded by the National Conference on Citizenship. This... Read More
Jun 24, 2016
Last month, the Corporate Responsibility team at Silicon Valley Community Foundation had the distinct pleasure of hosting the bi-monthly Corporate Community Relations Consortium (“CCRC”, a group of local corporate responsibility/philanthropy practitioners) meeting. Based on many... Read More
Jun 20, 2016
In May, I had the opportunity to join Sustainatopia, a leading conference on social, financial and environmental sustainability.   The conference offered multiple tracks and a diverse array of sessions, including the importance of investing in women-led businesses, cities of the... Read More
Jun 13, 2016
Eckhart Tolle wrote the Power of Now to emphasize the importance of being present to the moment at hand. The book is a powerful treatise on living with intentionality and impact. Recently, Northern California Grant Makers and Microsoft Silicon Valley (@MicrosoftSV) convened a conference called,... Read More
Jun 08, 2016
Maeve Miccio Can you take a moment and think back to when you were a kid and woke up on your birthday or a special holiday?  On a special day last month I sprang out of bed before 5 a.m. without the help of an alarm. I was smiling ear to ear,... Read More
Jun 08, 2016
Editor's note: SanDisk Corporation is a client of SVCF. This feature first appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of SVCF magazine.   For employees at SanDisk Corporation, volunteering is not an extracurricular activity to be squeezed in on their own time. It is an integral... Read More
Jun 07, 2016
Katrina Drabeck Silicon Valley Community Foundation is excited to introduce our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Impact Awards!  The five CR Impact Awards will recognize companies and individuals from around the world who demonstrate leadership... Read More
Jun 07, 2016
Editor's note: Texas Instruments is a client of SVCF. This feature first appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of SVCF magazine. For Silicon Valley students and teachers who have a passion for math and science — and for students whose passion is yet to be discovered — 2015 was a... Read More