SVCF celebrates a decade of progress in new magazine

Emmett Carson
Emmett Carson

Ten years ago, Peninsula Community Foundation and Community Foundation Silicon Valley took a leap of faith and joined forces, giving birth to Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The driving motivation behind the merger? To have a greater regional influence on growing challenges, such as income inequality, soaring housing costs and transportation congestion.

During the ensuing decade, we’ve worked hard to fulfill that ambitious goal, and SVCF has grown beyond what anyone could have imagined. We’re now the largest community foundation in the world, and have supported affordable housing efforts in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, promoted transportation solutions, worked to raise the incomes of those at the bottom of the economic ladder and championed a new law to ensure students are not misplaced in math — among countless other causes.

We’re proud of the tireless team that has grown SVCF to what it is today — from our past and present board members and staff to our donors, donor advisor partners, and corporate and government partners. Each has been instrumental and shares in our success.

Looking forward, the question becomes, “How does SVCF have an even greater impact?” Despite our wins, problems persist with housing, transportation, immigration and disparities in income and education. We continue to seek solutions, including reviewing and revising our grant guidelines for the first time.

After 10 years of hard work, we’re just getting started. As you’ll see in our spring 2017 magazine, embedded above, SVCF is well positioned to use the influence gained over the past decade to connect with donors, corporations and private foundations. We remain firmly dedicated to making our community everything it can and should be — a diverse place of opportunity and inclusiveness for all.