SVGives: You can help make our region stronger and more equitable

Three weeks from now, Silicon Valley residents have a chance to make a wonderful difference to their community and strengthen the future of this region. They can do it by making donations to their favorite local charities through Silicon Valley Gives on Tuesday, May 3. 

Silicon Valley is sometimes portrayed as a place where people work hard to develop “the next big thing” but are disconnected from the communities around them. But I know that’s not the real story. Our region is full of everyday people committed to helping make the Bay Area a more vibrant, equitable and fulfilling place to work, live and play. We do work hard – and we also know how to give back and help others.

More than 800 nonprofit organizations serving San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito and San Francisco county residents have already registered to participate in Silicon Valley Gives (SVGives). The event is a 24-hour online day of giving, hosted by Silicon Valley Community Foundation with lead sponsorship by Microsoft. On May 3, generous donors will be matching many contributions, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation will award bonus prizes to nonprofit organizations throughout the day.

So whether you’re interested in supporting educators, safety-net services,  arts organizations, health-related services or any of the hundreds of charities that are participating, I urge you to contribute. And ask others to contribute on May 3 as well, so that all of us can make a difference for our community. Learn more at, or click here for a searchable list of the organizations participating. Thank you!