SVCF invests $1.1 million in transportation, housing and displacement prevention grants

2017 BSC Grantees
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Silicon Valley has the highest share of high-wage and high-growth jobs in the United States. It also has more jobs than housing, making the cost of living in this prosperous part of the United States unaffordable for many low- and middle- income residents in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

As part of Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s organizational strategy to build strong communities, our board of directors recently approved 17 grants totaling more than $1.1 million to local nonprofits that are tackling complex issues like housing and transportation.

“Great communities are places that have protections to ensure residents can continue to live in the very neighborhoods they helped create and make vibrant -- without fear of being displaced,” said Vu-Bang Nguyen, regional planning program officer at SVCF. “The goal of this grantmaking round was to support projects that build great communities that are inclusive for all members of the community.”

Notable projects include:

The Youth Leadership Institute is leading the Transportation Equity Allied Movement Coalition (TEAMC), in collaboration with TransForm and Urban Habitat. TEAMC’s goal is to mobilize residents, transit operators, low-wage workers, schools and community-based organizations serving marginalized communities for equitable transportation plans in San Mateo County. This initiative is modeled after a bus riders’ union that proved successful in Santa Clara County and helped allocate $500 million of a $6 billion transportation sales tax measure for transit operations. Youth Leadership Institute will receive $85,000.

The Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA) will receive $30,000 to protect San Mateo County residents from displacement and support community stabilization efforts. To accomplish this goal, CLSEPA will employ a collaborative, community lawyering model which combines policy advocacy and strategic legal representation. 

A study by the University of California Berkeley - Center for Community Innovation will be conducted to better understand the impact of evictions on Santa Clara County residents. The study will compare residents’ health and economic status between their previous and current home, and will provide data to support future tenant protection campaigns in Santa Clara County. The Center for Community Innovation will receive $50,000.

Since 2008, SVCF has granted almost $7 million to local nonprofits working on housing and transportation initiatives through the building strong communities initiative.

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