Two immigration service organizations selected to receive $100,000 grants

10th Anniversary Immigration Grants
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Two innovative immigration initiatives have been chosen to receive $100,000 each as part of Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s 10-year anniversary competitive grantmaking initiative.

The special anniversary grantmaking initiative, announced last year, was designed to jump-start creative solutions in four areas that have long been strategically important to SVCF: building strong communities; economic security of low-income communities; education and immigration.

The two immigration programs that will receive $100,000 grants are:

  • Pangea Legal Services: Will collaborate with Immigrant Liberation Movement (ILM) members to continue developing and improving MigraWatch, a 24-hour hotline and technology platform to help immigrants faced with detention and deportation. ILM aims to mobilize community volunteers in real time to conduct legal observations of immigration raids to protect individuals’ constitutional rights and prevent deportation.
  • Upwardly Global: Will develop a messaging toolkit and employer engagement campaign which will counter anti-immigrant bias and encourage Silicon Valley companies to hire immigrants. In addition, the project will provide information and leadership for 50 to 100 local community colleges, adult schools, nonprofits, local cities, offices of immigrant affairs, foundations and workforce development boards on the issue of hiring immigrants.

"The intent of this special grantmaking initiative is to support new and innovative ideas that complement our long-standing commitment to increasing access to legal services for immigrants and adult English language acquisition,” said Valerie Cuevas, senior program officer at SVCF. “We are confident that these two grant recipients will create improved opportunities for immigrants to succeed in Silicon Valley."

Check out our press release for more details about the programs and our anniversary grants initiative.