Oct 09, 2019
This past June, Governor Newsom named Kathleen Kelly Janus as his Senior Advisor on Social Innovation. This new position in the Office of the Governor elevates the role of philanthropic and nonprofit organizations as innovators and illustrates how our state’s philanthropy sector is poised to... Read More
Oct 07, 2019
SVCF is committed to making your year-end giving easy and meaningful. We want to share these important giving and grant recommendation deadlines, to help ensure that all gifts are properly credited for 2019 and grants are processed in a timely manner. Charitable gifts to SVCF As... Read More
Oct 04, 2019
SVCF is pleased to share the news that two new members will soon join our leadership team. Alex Tenorio has been named executive vice president, fundraising and business development, and Kimberly Myers Hewlett will join us as senior vice president, donor engagement. Both these appointments are... Read More
Sep 25, 2019
Almost 100,000 people in the heart of Silicon Valley do not have access to the internet at home, limiting their educational, economic and civic engagement opportunities. In some low-income communities, nearly half the population lacks connectivity. Mayor Sam Liccardo is leading the charge to make... Read More
Sep 20, 2019
A conversation with Bert Feuss, Senior Vice President, Investments about SVCF's work to increase asset manager diversity and help other community foundations to do the same. SVCF: Why is it important for SVCF to seek diversity in the people who manage our investments? Bert: First and foremost... Read More
Sep 13, 2019
Photo by Marla Aufmuth Part I of a series looking at how SVCF, our donors and partners are creating solutions to Silicon Valley’s housing and homelessness crisis. This story originally appeared in the 2019 SVCF Magazine. Read Part II here.  John Duckworth couldn’t believe his... Read More
Sep 11, 2019
What is corporate social responsibility? Two of SVCF's corporate responsibility team members, VIce President Stuart Burden and Senior Manager Juliana Deans, discuss what their team does, what brought them to SVCF and what excites them about working in CR. Learn how SVCF's 15-person... Read More
Sep 06, 2019
If you were to speak to experts on retirement savings, many would say that America is facing a ‘retirement crisis.’ The United States currently has a retirement gap savings of more than $6 trillion, and 35 percent of U.S. households don’t participate in any... Read More
Aug 29, 2019
Silicon Valley Community Foundation has appointed three great new leaders in finance and operations, information technology and legal affairs. In addition to the news last week that Liz Carey has been appointed our new Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations, we are pleased to announce... Read More
Aug 28, 2019
Systemic injustice is something that commonly plagues our court systems, and it is increasingly important to figure out how to resolve these issues and implement changes that serve the community with fairness. SVCF regularly explores and exposes such injustices, and works with lawmakers to bring... Read More