Meet SVCF's new corporate responsibility team members

Sean Rico Fisher

Sean Rico Fisher
Associate, Corporate Responsibility 

What aspects of SVCF have stood out for you since you joined the organization?
I originally joined SVCF as an associate in our Donor Experience and Engagement division. There, I spent a lot of time learning about SVCF’s relationships with individual donors and key stakeholders. My eyes were opened to the philanthropic landscape, and I was amazed by how skillful and hyper-focused SVCF’s teams were in their respective crafts. When I transitioned to the corporate responsibility team to align my role with my career aspirations, I was equally impressed by the level of dedication each team member had to their portfolio of clients and to the hundreds of organizations each corporation works with to make good things happen all around the world.  

What subject matters within CSR interest you the most, and why?
I studied sociology and nonprofit management in college, and my academic interests were focused on identity, status and physical environment. There has been a spike in conversation around diversity and inclusion that has been especially interesting to me. Civic technology and the overarching “smarter cities” movement is also something I’m closely following. I want to be a catalyst for other change agents. SVCF is a good spot for me.


Jonathan Kurup

Jonathan Kurup
Associate Manager, Corporate Responsibility

Why did you pursue a career in CSR, and how did you begin?
I started working in the public and nonprofit sector while in college but it wasn’t until I worked in the private sector that I realized the need for corporations to get involved in social good. After a short time in the private sector, I started with Goodwill of Silicon Valley doing business development for the homeless veterans and parole reentry programs. From there I moved on to corporate engagement and workforce development with NPower, a national nonprofit organization serving at-risk young adults and veterans. I think my passion for community impact, corporate engagement and my altruistic nature will be a great match for the work we are doing at SVCF.

What subject matters within CSR interest you the most, and why?
I am most interested in workforce development and diversity and inclusion within CR roles. I would like to see an increase in economic stimulation through workforce opportunities. I am passionate about showing others the value of working with an array of personalities and cultures, and proving the benefit of bringing this to any organization.


Sarah Miers

Sarah Miers 
Manager, Corporate Responsibility

Why did you pursue a career in CSR?
After graduating from college, I knew I wanted to work in global economic development. Within a few months of working at FairTrade USA, I began to see how much impact the private sector can have on global development through its sourcing patterns and support to community organizations. I was determined to learn more, and was lucky to land a job supporting the TOMS Giving in Sight program with the Seva Foundation. The experience confirmed the vast potential for the private sector to support global development, but also highlighted some gaps in the private sector’s understanding around program sustainability and community needs. I’m pursuing a career in CSR to harness responsible businesses’ energy and financial support to create real, sustainable impact for both our local and global communities.

What aspects of SVCF have made an impression on you since you began serving on the CR team?
I was attracted to SVCF by its unique global outlook, and I continue to be impressed by this focus. SVCF sets the bar high and isn’t afraid to innovate. Our Grants, Gifts and Compliance team stands out to me because of the detailed care they take to vet our nonprofit grantees.


Claire VerrotClaire Verrot
Employee Engagement Manager

Why did you pursue a career in CSR?
When studying business, I noticed that there was a strong disconnect between organizations and the communities in which they operate. I used every assignment I had as an opportunity to better understand the alternatives that would place organizations as an integral part of the community. I developed a market study on fair trade products in a supermarket chain; I visited fair trade businesses in India and dedicated my master’s thesis to sustainable development in business. 

What subject matters within CSR interest you the most, and why?
I am passionate about environmental sustainability. When a company thinks "sustainability," it reduces its environmental footprint and also seeks ways to improve the lives of its employees, customers and of the wider community. I love the parable of the hummingbird that tries to put out a fire threatening the forest. Trip after trip her beak is filled each time with just a drop of water. While other animals challenge her efforts, the hummingbird answers that she does her part to save her forest home. As more individuals and organizations embark on the sustainability journey, the effects are exponential.