Philanthropy Now podcast: Housing solutions with Destination: Home’s collective impact model and cross-sector partnerships

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified existing inequities, taking an exceptionally hard toll on the most vulnerable communities, experiencing housing instability, homelessness and racial disparities. In this episode, Jennifer Loving, CEO of Destination: Home, Dontae Lartigue, CEO of Razing the Bar, board member of Destination: Home and Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB) member, and Erin Connor, Public Investment Program Manager at Cisco, join the podcast to discuss the collective impact model. The conversation is moderated by SVCF’s Executive Vice President of Community Action, Policy and Strategy, Gina Dalma. These bold leaders discuss how they are using this model to address the social issues that have been overwhelmingly exacerbated by the pandemic. Listen in to learn the critical need for public-private partnerships, how Destination: Home, SVCF, Cisco and other partners united quickly at the onset of the pandemic to support the most vulnerable communities and how they continue to address homelessness and systemic racial inequities.

In SVCF’s Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond, and we look at how SVCF promotes innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.


Gina Dalma, Executive Vice President for Community Action, Policy, and Strategy, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Jennifer Loving, CEO of Destination: Home Silicon Valley
Dontae Lartigue, CEO of Razing The Bar, Board Member for Destination: Home Silicon Valley, and Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB) member
Erin Connor, Public Investment Program Manager, Cisco


What you will learn:

  • The homelessness collective impact model: its basic principles and Destination: Home’s role in addressing homelessness
  • Collaboration between the private and public sectors is equally as important as leveraging existing models and strategies
  • How Destination: Home and its partners stepped up during the pandemic to support the most vulnerable community members
  • Systemic racial inequity’s impact in historic and current under-housing and homelessness, and how the collective impact model addresses these inequities
  • The innovative and crucial role of the Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB) in addressing homelessness

Resources from this episode:

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