Philanthropy Now podcast: Why Silicon Valley needs to help the 'forgotten' residents of San Mateo county's South Coast region

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Erica Wood
Erica Wood

In this podcast, SVCF's Chief Community Impact Officer, Erica Wood, shares stories and insight about the challenges faced by residents of San Mateo county's "South Coast" region.

SVCF is commited to improving our local community, which includes San Mateo county, Santa Clara county and San Francisco county in California, and since our founding in 2007, we've worked to help San Mateo county's South Coast region, located just 30 minutes outside the heart of Silicon Valley.

But back in 2015, SVCF's board of directors visited the region and were shocked to see the alarming, even "third-world"-like conditions that many of the 3,000 residents of this South Coast region face. The challenges stem from the high cost of living, housing shortages, barriers to education, limited access to essential health care, and much more. That's why SVCF has produced a report called, San Mateo County’s Forgotten South Coast Residents, to document the chronic issues these residents face, and propose collaborative recommendations for improving their quality of life.

Erica shares stories from some South Coast residents, and explains how these important issues affect the greater Silicon Valley region. She also emphasizes that this report is just the beginning of the work SVCF and community partners must do to support the South Coast region. She shares examples of what's happening next, and explains how the public can get involved to help this resilient and passionate community. 

What you will learn

  • What kinds of challenges residents in the South Coast region of San Mateo county face, like meeting their basic educational and health needs
  • How the South Coast region's challenges, including the cost and lack of housing, affect all of us in Silicon Valley
  • How SVCF plans to partner with organizations in the South Coast community and greater Silicon Valley to make improvements
  • How you can get involved

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