Philanthropy Now podcast: Incorporating staff and community feedback into moving forward

With our Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond, and look at how SVCF promotes innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.

Greg Avis, interim president, and Erica Wood, chief community impact officer, talk about recent discussions they've had with SVCF staff and community members about the community foundation and how that feedback is shaping how the organization is moving forward and searching for a new leader.


Greg Avis, Interim President,
and Erica Wood, Chief Community Impact Officer.


What you will learn:

  • How SVCF is working to build a culture of trust, inclusion, and empowerment.
  • Feedback they’ve heard and are working to address.
  • What they’re doing to make it easier for nonprofits to connect with donors.
  • Updates since the announcement about the former CEO’s departure and the investigation.
  • Key characteristics and attributes that will be important for SVCF’s new leader.
  • What Greg most wants people to know about SVCF, now and moving forward.

Resources from this episode:

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