Philanthropy Now Podcast: What philanthropy means in 2018

With our Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond, and look at how SVCF promotes innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.

What does philanthropy mean to us in 2018? Dr. Emmett Carson, CEO and president of SVCF discusses the state of philanthropy as we begin a new year, with a new tax plan. Learn how SVCF plans to continue to tackle the region's most challenging issues through public policy and grantmaking in 2018.

Dr. Emmett Carson, CEO and President of SVCF


What you will learn:

  • How the recent tax reform legislation will challenge philanthropy.
  • Why these changes will make charitable giving more difficult.
  • The concerns caused by repealing the individual mandate that people must have insurance.
  • Why the unknown status of DACA recipients disproportionately affects California.
  • How SVCF plans to tackle these challenging issues.
  • The unique tools that SVCF has as a community foundation.
  • Where to find out more about what SVCF and our partners are doing to help.

Resources from this episode:

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