Philanthropy Now podcast: Community leaders bring justice to housing

Welcome to the seventh episode in our mini-series featuring conversations focused on Racial Equity and Social Justice with the members of SVCF’s Community Advisory Council. Listen to the previous episode in the mini-series here, and continue to subscribe to the podcast to hear future episodes.

Program Director of Land Use and Housing at Urban Habitat and SVCF Community Advisory Council member Tony Roshan Samara joins the podcast for a conversation focusing on “Just Recovery.” In conversation with SVCF Director of Community-Building Mauricio Palma, the two community leaders discuss this community action framework that requires a lens of equity and prioritizes those who are most affected by a crisis. Tony seeks to engage groups across sectors to use the Just Recovery framework as a tool to address systemic issues.

In SVCF’s Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond, and we look at how SVCF promotes innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.

Mauricio Palma, Director of Capacity Building at SVCF
Tony Roshan Samara, Program Director of Land Use and Housing at Urban Habitat


What you will learn:

  • How Tony transitioned from academia to community work
  • The principles and practices of the Just Recovery framework
  • Applying this framework to pandemic recovery and housing efforts
  • What needs to be done to make sure we prioritize justice, equity and protection for people and the environment
  • The intersectionality necessary to advance a Just Recovery framework across philanthropy, smaller grassroots organizations, corporations, and other sectors

Resources from this episode:

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