Philanthropy Now podcast: The life of a Silicon Valley family living in their RV

For many in the Bay Area, a single emergency can derail a safe housing situation. And for some, losing that housing means living on the street in an RV. SVCF is working with elected officials, nonprofit organizations and homeless advocates to find solutions that will lead to permanent housing for these community members.

In this episode, Gina Dalma, SVCF's senior vice president of public policy, Chelsea Tercero, program director of Safe and Supportive Parking with LifeMoves, and Chris, a San Jose RV resident, discuss the proliferation of Silicon Valley residents living in recreational vehicles and the challenges around displacement.

With our Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, discuss social impact initiatives, and look at how SVCF promotes innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems.


Chris, a San Jose RV resident,
Gina Dalma, senior vice president of Public Policy at SVCF,
and Chelsea Tercero, program director of Safe and Supportive Parking with LifeMoves.



What you will learn:

  • What led to Chris and his family living in an RV, and how LifeMoves has helped them.
  • The goal of LifeMoves' Safe and Supportive Parking program, and the demographics of families it serves.
  • The impact of local ordinances prohibiting people from sleeping in their cars.
  • Chris’ path to advocacy and goals for his family’s future.

Resources from this episode:


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