Philanthropy Now podcast: Why is the 2020 census so important?

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Did you know that data from the census is used to determine all kinds of things, from the number of seats a state has in Congress, to the amount of federal funding it might receive for critical public programs? An accurate count is critical.

Anne Im, SVCF’s immigration program officer, talks with Aparna Ramakrishnan, the census coordinator for the County of San Mateo, and Nick Kuwada, the census program manager for the County of Santa Clara, about why the census is so important that it’s constitutionally mandated.


Anne Im, SVCF immigration program officer,
Aparna Ramakrishnan, 2020 census coordinator,
Nick Kuwada, 2020 census program manager.


What you will learn:

  • Why the census and the data it collects are important.
  • Challenges facing the success of the census.
  • What’s new about this year’s census.
  • Who is hard to count and how they plan to reach them.
  • How you can get involved with the census.
  • How community programs and foundations are partnering to ensure an accurate count.


Resources from this episode:

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