Amount needed to establish Individually Managed Fund with SVCF reduced to $1M

SVCF has changed its policy for Individually Managed Funds: The minimum amount to establish these funds has been reduced to $1 million. We hope this change allows professional advisors to further support the relationships they've formed with their clients.  

Through SVCF's Individually Managed Funds program, fund advisors for donor advised funds have the opportunity to:

  • Recommend a trusted investment advisor to manage fund assets of $1 million or more
  • Enjoy the world-class donor services provided by SVCF

Clients formally initiate the process of establishing an Individually Managed Fund by recommending an investment advisor of their choice to SVCF to manage their donor advised fund assets. SVCF’s investment staff qualifies recommended advisors after reviewing the advisor’s credentials and proposal for investment policy, asset allocation, investment selection and fees. Advisors retain client relationships and may develop portfolios customized to their clients' investment preferences and time horizons, with the goal of growing the assets available for clients' philanthropy.

For more information about Individually Managed Funds contact or 650.450.5444.