A message of thanks from interim president Greg Avis

Tuesday was my last official day as Interim President.  I wish to thank everyone – the SVCF board for granting me the privilege to serve, community partners and donors for their steadfast support and patience, and especially SVCF staff for their unwavering commitment over the past nearly eight months. It has been a journey of intense discovery and change, an itinerary on which it was truly an honor to travel.

At the conclusion of each week over my tenure, on the premise that one cannot over-communicate in a time of crisis and transition, I sent staff a “weekly update” by email. This excerpt from my final message on Sunday, December 16, expresses the deep fondness and admiration I have for all my colleagues.

“While we will have some time together tomorrow afternoon, I just wish to take this moment to express my profound gratitude to each and every one of you. You welcomed me from the instant I arrived on April 30 with friendly smiles (and understandably some apprehension!). You have persevered through a very difficult time, and are now prospering in many respects. I have admired deeply your dedication, professionalism, care and concern for each other, and your commitment to your work and the community. You are truly extraordinary.

You have made my brief tenure, as challenging as it was, a more fulfilling and meaningful seven and one-half months than I could have imagined. I am fortunate to have worked side-by-side with you, to have witnessed your determination and growth, and to have had the privilege of forming relationships with many of you.

In this fractured and difficult world in which we live, the work you do at SVCF is more important than ever. Where there is rancor and suffering, you bring solutions, comfort, and hope. 

While I am very sad to leave, I am looking forward to my next chapter, which will include cheering you on enthusiastically from the sidelines with Nicole at the helm.”

You are a special group of people.

With deep gratitude,

Greg Avis