SVCF corporate donor Autodesk designs for social impact

Impact design - the movement in which designers do work that has a positive effect on social, humanitarian or environmental worth - is a core belief at Autodesk, a software company that makes computer aided design programs. The company established its Autodesk Foundation and Autodesk Sustainability Group to provide financial grants, software donations, technical training and other expertise to help people use design to create beneficial change. Autodesk Foundation has a corporate advised fund with SVCF to facilitate its grantmaking. 

Autodesk has about 9,000 employees and millions of customers - and is one of the rare firms that considers its impact design initiatives a profit center.

"We sell products that help our customers be more sustainable," says Joe Speicher, executive director of the Autodesk Foundation. "We believe the two biggest challenges we face are social inequality and climate change, and both of those are design challenges. We are helping people design for a better future." 

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