SVCF guide makes it easier for startups to do good

Startup businesses already have a full plate — hiring great people, growing their client base, creating and implementing processes. And for many, there’s an additional concern: social responsibility.

Starting with Purpose

Starting with Purpose: How startups can use social responsibility to delivery purpose and profit

But with workers stretched to their limits and often no one employee solely dedicated to giving back, how does social responsibility fit in? That’s where SVCF saw a need.

“We found that we were being approached by startups,” says Rebecca Nalder, SVCF’s director of corporate responsibility.

“They wanted to make a commitment to corporate responsibility but didn’t know how to move forward.”

In response, SVCF created "Starting with Purpose," a guide that outlines a wide range of possibilities.

“We looked at the many ways companies would be able to support social responsibility — be it through employee volunteering programs, product donation or supply chain transparency responsibility,” Nalder says. “Companies can then choose a method that aligns with their goals and identity.”

5 Quick Tips for Startups

For new businesses looking to give back, here’s a taste of the advice featured in "Starting with Purpose:"

1. Start early. A startup should begin thinking about this on day one.

2. Don’t sacrifice your company to focus on your social goals. If your business doesn’t survive, neither will your giving.

3. Does your business involve manufacturing? Begin by minimizing the impact of your process on the environment and on building a socially responsible supply chain. Redesigning these things later can throw off your business model.

4. If your company doesn’t manufacture goods, consider focusing your giving efforts on your community.

5. Plan ahead. Just like your business, your giving should be scalable.

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