Year-end giving: Important dates

SVCF is committed to making your year-end giving easy and meaningful. Please refer to this schedule for making new gifts and grants for the remainder of 2015. 

Contributions to SVCF

As required by the IRS, in order for you to claim a charitable deduction for this tax year, ownership of your gifted asset must transfer to SVCF on or before December 31, 2015. Please note that liquid assets, such as real estate, must be initiated as soon as possible, as complex gifts generally take longer to transfer.

Type of Assets

Closely held stock
Mutual funds

Initiate by December 4


Stocks held by your broker
Wire transfers

Initiate by December 7
Please provide your name, the security name and number of shares.

Stock certificates

Must be postmarked or delivered on or before December 31, 2015
For stock certificates, please send a signed stock power letter separately.

Questions about making a new gift? Please call our development team at 650.450.5444 or email

Grants from existing funds at SVCF

Current fund-holders: For grant recommendations to be approved and payments mailed by December 31, 2015, please refer to the schedule below.

To get started with your year-end grants, visit us at and select “Login” in the upper right corner.

Grant Recipients

Organizations in the United States

Submit by December 11, 2015


Organizations outside the United States

All required information from the organization must be returned to SVCF by December 4, 2015. Please submit your recommendation as soon as possible, as the length of time needed to complete the international vetting process is largely dependent on how quickly an organization can return the required information to SVCF for review.

If you are an SVCF fundholder and have questions about a grant or our online service, pleased contact our online assistance representative at 650.450.5549 or