How can technology eliminate distance barriers in health care?

Innovation Conference

Technology is making it easier than ever to understand our health and access quality care. This progress is especially beneficial for patients that previously had limited access to health care providers based on geography. 

Now, technology is eliminating distance barriers to better serve communities locally and in the developing world. 

Our panel will dive into this topic during their session called "Around the World and at Home: Caring for the Hard-to-Reach Patients" at SVCF's Innovation Conference, taking place Oct. 9-11 in San Francisco. 

We are thrilled to have these experts joining us for this session:

Raj Panjabi

Co-founder and CEO,
Last Mile Health

Steve Davis

President and CEO,

Josh Nesbit

Medic Mobile

Manu Prakash

Assistant Professor,
Stanford University

Michele Barry


Center for Innovation in Global Health, Stanford University


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